We keep things simple as we Deliver what we promise.

Few things that makes ThunderNet better than other Internet providers.

Reliable & Super Fast

While your current Internet provider struggles to provide you speed beyond 4 Mbps, ThunderNet provides you with speed ranging from 10– 100 Mbps. Available broadband plans for home users are 15, 20, 30, 40, 45 50, 60, 100 Mbps to as much as you want to. Faster speed means, More Entertainment, More Fun, More Work, More Productivity in Less Time.

Connect Multiple devices

Nowadays your internet needs are not just limited to PC and Laptops. You have few smart phones, tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.) in your family. Maybe a Smart TV or an internet connected gaming console. With your current internet provider it is probably not possible.
Choose the right speed with us from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps – connect all your devices and enjoy the speed you opted for.

YouTube - HD - 0 Buffer

Have you ever experienced Full-screen 1080p HD or even the 720p HD Video Streaming on YouTube yet? Maybe the buffering with your current Internet plan is keeping you at 360p or lower. Stop compromising with the quality, with ThunderNet experience Full HD  with a Smart TV Box/ Smart TV application OR online on YouTube.ThunderNet guarantees 0 BUFFER.

Switch your current provider, get better Internet get ThunderNet

No data capping and equal download and upload speed ensures better Internet.

No Data Limits

ThunderNet offers a truly unlimited Internet experience, With Thundernet broadband you get speed starting from ’10 Mbps up to 100 Mbps’. We have Unlimited data usage plans with no speed throttle. Unlike other providers we do not lure you with data offers. No 1 GB or 2 GB a day, No 1400 GB a month. Download and Upload as much as you want to.

No Lags, No Latency

We know what latency can do to your online gaming performance. ThunderNet offers an uninterrupted Internet connection and ping less than 30 ms. Low latency and no lags, naturally will add to your online gaming experience. We have designed our network keeping your online gaming needs in mind. Now give your favourite game a VIP treatment.

Almost Equal Upload

Unlike other popular Internet providers, ThunderNet offers all plans with almost same upload and download speed. With almost same and consistent upload and download speeds, it prevents delays and provides excellent audio quality plus you can transfer large amount of data in short time. You can also upload large files and can download large files at the same time.

You got to see it, before you can accept that it really exists.

Stop compromising with the quality experience Full HD with a Smart TV Box/ Smart TV application OR online on Youtube, Netflix…

Netflix - HD - 0 Buffer

All plans we offer has minimum bandwidth required to watch HD videos online. The speed offered is delivered at all the times and our no data limit plan ensures same speed all month. Enjoy your favourite videos on Netflix, in HD with no lags or buffering.

Private Ip Address

ThunderNet® provides Automation solutions.Get your own private IP address for servers, firewall, IP cameras, DVRs, and routers. 

Live TV Streaming

ThunderNet® offers bandwidth for Live streaming. Connect your smart TV with Internet and enjoy Live TV streaming, with no lags or buffering. Enjoy uninterrupted Internet on your Smart TV.