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ThunderNet – Features & Benifits

Benefits of ThunderNet over Other Broadband providers:-

28 Jul 19 ThunderNet Care

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19 Apr 19 ThunderNet Care

Seeing is believing!

Live TV Streaming Uninterrupted Video Calls ZERO Buffer

17 Apr 19 ThunderNet Care

We are ThunderNet®

We provide the most reliable and fastest wired and wireless Internet services and understand the importance of fast Internet connectivity in today’s age, therefore ThunderNet® offers marvellous options for fast speed internet through Wire as well as WiFi powered Internet devices. To facilitate our users with affordable Internet plans we rely on fiber/ leased lines that simply focus on making the online experience convenient for our Internet users.

Dedicated Internet For Home

While your Internet provider struggles to provide you speed beyond 4 Mbps, ThunderNet® offers you Internet plans starting from 30 Mbps – 100 Mbps speed, You can choose as much speed as you want from available plans 30, 40, 50, 70 and 100 Mbps. Speed mentioned will be delivered at all the times. Faster speed means, More Entertainment, More Fun, More Work, More Productivity in Less Time.

Leased Line

We provide Internet Leased Lines with 1:4, 1:3 and 1:2 compression, Speeds starting from 64K to Multiple STM levels. ThunderNet® provide corporate lines which runs on TATA's network. We do LAN/WAN Setup, Wi-Fi Network setup and integration with different equipment/solutions, Industry specific Internet for Call Center/ BPO and other industries, Customised Network Set-ups, Surveillance solutions, Bandwidth management software and more.

Get what you see

Unlike other Internet providers we do not misrepresent what we advertise. All speed mentioned are delivered at all the times. We, like any other provider also have times when Internet is down. A service Level Agreement of maximum of 2 hours and wireless backups installed, minimises the chances for you to get less speed than mentioned. So that you get the subscribed speed at all the times we keep +2 Mbps added to every advertised plan. 

Unlimited Data with eqaual Upload & Download

ThunderNet® offers all plans with No Data Capping, with almost same Download and Upload speed. With same Download & Upload speed you can connect to your office VPN, do online video chats, conference and can also Download and Upload Large files at the same time. Unlike other Internet providers, we want you to experience better Internet, so you get UNLIMITED DATA & almost same Upload speed as the Download speed for a better Internet experience