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  1. Service provider will make sure that you get uninterrupted services, but at the same time we also admit that the network is dependent upon various external factors, so there might be a temporary failure, which would be fixed at the earliest.
  2. Service provider shall not be responsible for interrupted service in whole or in part or for any other obligation under it, for the reason of war, civil commotion, public unrest, sabotage, flood, or for any natural calamity and if prevented for the reasons beyond its control, for that customer will not be entitled to claim any damages from the Service provider.
  3. Service provider will not be responsible for data transmission between subscriber and Service provider server or for any inconvenience that may be caused for any of the above reasons.
  4. No refunds or adjustments will be made for non-use of Internet by the subscriber during the contracted period.
Application and Identity of the subscriber
  1. The subscriber has to fill a customer application form with a photo, a photo ID proof, address proof & the desired plan. Customer Application Form will be provided by the installation team at the time of installation.
  1. On providing the customer application form and all the required documents, the account is created and is activated as soon as the installation is complete.
  2. The service shall be provided from the SWITCH nearest from subscriber's premises.
  3. The subscriber shall obtain the required permission from the society or land lord for installing customer premises equipment and a switch board.
  4. The subscriber shall provide access to the person of the Service Provider for installation of connection and for maintenance when required.
  5. The instrument installed/ provided for giving connection will always be the property of Service provider.
  6. PC/ other devices of subscriber receiving Internet must have compatible software and hardware.
Bill & Payments
  1. Service provider shall send reminder of plan expiration by Phone/ SMS/ Email.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of the subscriber to make the payment in time.
  3. The customer is required to pay the amount of the subscription taken in advance as per the plan.
  4. Taxes shall be payable as applicable.
  5. If the subscription is not renewed by the due date, your subscription will be extended for 2 days, on the 3rd day service will be discontinued without any intimation and will be resumed only after the payment is made.
Upgrading service or shifting location
  1. The subscriber any time can change the plans and the amount shall be adjusted on pro-rata basis.
  2. Plan can generally be changed from the next billing .
  3. Location may be shifted on technical feasibility.
Dated - 1-April-2019

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Termination of services

Service will be suspended, discontinued or terminated on the following basis.

  1. For non-Payment of subscription amount.
  2. If PC of the subscriber found to be faulty affecting network of the Service provider.
  3. After the contracted period is over unless the said is renewed.
  4. If subscriber shares or assigns the service to third party.
  5. If customer found to be violating of telegraphic act.
  6. Under instruction of Govt. Authorities.
  7. On written notice from the customer to discontinue and/or terminating the service.
Discontinuation & Refund

Notwithstanding anything contained in the terms of use and if for any reason, Service provider is unable to provide the service, the liability of the Service provider will be limited to the extent of balance amount as of that day i.e. after deducting the amount of the services availed by the subscriber up to that day.