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You will always get the speed you will subscribe for, with almost same download and upload speed.

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Please Note

  • Unlike other providers we do not add Google peering and advertise it as Internet Speed.
  • Speed you subscribe for, will be delivered as mentioned, for eg. a 10 Mbps plan will get you more than 10 Mbps most of the time.
  • You get almost same upload and download speed, for a better Internet experience.
  • Speed mentioned are delivered at all the time, other than technical faults or breakdowns.
  • With our "On Time, Every Time" support, we maintain a 99% uptime.
  • We do not limit your Internet experience with data capping, all plans mentioned are without any data cap.
  • We run a pre pay system exactly like prepaid mobile and DTH, all payments needs to be paid in advance.
  • For first 4 days you can check the Internet, if we fail to provide - UNINTERRUPTED AND SUBSCRIBED SPEED, you can get a complete refund.