While your Internet provider struggles to provide you speed beyond 4 Mbps, ThunderNet offers you dedicated Internet Line ranging from 20 to 100 Mbps.

We offer Internet for home & office, Internet Leased Line for business, Static IP Address for automations.

Dedicated Internet line For Home & Societies

Fast WiFi access everywhere in your home

  • Browse the internet on your couch.
  • Watch videos in the kitchen.
  • Do everything online, anywhere in your house.

ThunderNet guarantees the best WiFi experience – from a reliable end-to-end WiFi setup by experts to high-speed fibre internet access in every corner of your home.

Home users

Corporate Leased Line 1:1

Dedicated Internet Leased Line For Office & Businesses

  • Same upload & download .
  • 99.9% Uptime, with wireless backup.
  • Private IP Address for server, firewall, routers, and cameras.

With ThunderNet® get symmetric bandwidth, Industry specific Internet , Network Set-ups, Surveillance solutions, Bandwidth management software and more.