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ThunderNet – Features & Benifits

28 Jul 19
ThunderNet Care
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Benefits of ThunderNet over Other Broadband providers:-

  • ThunderNet provides dedicated link for internet unlike other ISPs, who serves multiple users on a public domain.
  • The contention on our connection is 1:1 whereas it is only 1:8 for all broadband providers.
  • ThunderNet ensures a committed speed for upload and download with a SLA (service level agreement) ensuring guaranteed uptime of 99%.
  • Our Internet is more suited for erp/crm based systems, cloud, video conference, buffer less online videos, online gaming etc. due to a dedicated bandwidth.
  • There is no download limit get UNLIMITED data download.
  • Ease of upgrade: option of upgrading the bandwidths to higher speeds at any point. Dedicated support management for support issues with escalation matrix.

Referral Bonus

19 Apr 19
ThunderNet Care
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Refer Your Neighbour

Get Rs. 500 for every successful referral.

Seeing is believing!

17 Apr 19
ThunderNet Care
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Seeing is believing!

Check the Internet for first 4 days, if we fail to deliver what we promised get your money back.

ThunderNet Coverage

26 Oct 18
ThunderNet Care


We use wired and wireless network to provide you Internet where popular Internet providers are not available.

ThunderNet Gurgaon

ThunderNet® covers areas from Vyapar Kender Palam Vihar to Airport Authority office in Bijwasan.